Protect your yield and profits through better control of weeds, pests and diseases

CP01Optimising spray applications for yield protection, efficient control and reduced costsTo be scheduled
CP02Better control of weed and pest management in combinable cropsTo be scheduled
CP03Better black-grass control to reduce threat to yield and profit07 Dec, Lincolnshire
09 Jan, Cambridgeshire
CP04Better control and avoidance of disease in wheat10 Jan, Cambridgeshire
25 Jan, Cambridgeshire
08 Feb, Northamptonshire
CP05Better control and avoidance of disease in oilseed rapeTo be scheduled
CP06Better grass production through species selection and control of grassland weedsTo be scheduled
CP07Better grassland production through control of pests and diseasesTo be scheduled
CP08Nematicide Stewardship15 Feb, East Riding of Yorkshire
CP09SWD management06 Dec, Kent
21 Feb, Kent
CP10Pear sucker managementTo be scheduled
CP11Pheromone traps and monitoringTo be scheduled